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Our mission is to provide and improve upon the best that exists in endodontic care.

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Dr. Pirooz Zia, Dr. Reza Farshey, and our Chevy Chase Endodontics team are passionate about delivering exceptional endodontic care. Our goal is to perform the highest standard of endodontics possible in a compassionate and attentive manner. We believe that the trust placed in us by our patients is sacred and worthy of our greatest efforts.

Every patient is unique, and our approach reflects that. Our modern, evidence-based techniques include both surgical and non-surgical root canal therapy, using  GentleWave or laser dentistry for effective and comfortable treatment. With your overall health and well-being in mind, our approach to your endodontic experience is thorough and detailed.

Discover why Chevy Chase Endodontics is the trusted choice for your endodontic care in Chevy Chase, MD. We look forward to continuing our tradition of excellence and serving the needs of our neighbors for years to come.

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