Traumatic Injuries

Teeth can sustain injuries as a result of trauma to the face. Examples include sports related injuries or a seemingly innocent incident where a front tooth sustains injury as a result of some sort of impact. Endodontists are highly trained specialists to manage most of these traumatic injuries. The types of traumatic injuries and the recommended treatments are listed below:

  • Luxation Injuries: These injuries can dislodge the tooth out of its original position. The tooth will need to be realigned back into its original position and held in place with an orthodontic splint for a short term. In some cases, root canal treatment is required.


  • Avulsed Tooth: Sometimes a traumatic incident can completely knock a tooth out of its socket. It is imperative to see a dentist within an hour of the accident to increase the chances of successful treatment. Gently rinse tooth, but do not scrub it. The tooth should be placed in a suitable storage medium in the interim. The ideal place is in the patient’s mouth under the tongue, to ensure the tooth does not dry out. Other acceptable storage media are: contact lens solution and non-skim milk. The dentist will reinsert the tooth back into the socket and place a soft splint to hold in place. Root canal treatment is required within 7-10 days.