After Completion of Endodontic Treatment

The treated tooth and surrounding gum tissue may be tender or sensitive to bite and pressure for a few days, as a result of manipulation during treatment and previous condition of your tooth. This post-operative discomfort is normal and to be expected. Please refrain from eating while you are still numb as you may inadvertently traumatize your lip. You may continue your regular dental hygiene regimen such as brushing and flossing.

While the root canals are permanently sealed, the outer surface is sealed with a temporary filling and must be restored permanently by your dentist within 4-6 weeks, in order to protect it against decay or fracture. Therefore, avoid chewing on the tooth until the tooth is permanently restored.

A written copy of these instructions will be given to each patient after treatment. In addition, we will go over each item in this sheet to ensure there is no confusion or misunderstandings. Recommended medications will also be detailed with respect to dosage and frequency.